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woof woof chapter 12

Chapter 12 The catch was taken home! then the witch showed up!
Old man I'm home! (´・ω・`) I got some meat!

「wha, wha, WHAT IS THAT?!」
Old man james looked up at the mountainous wild boar and raised a surprised cry.
As soon as he left the back door he came to face with this
I have a feeling he wet his pants.

「Routa did you really catch this, I never knew you were able to do this」
「Wan wan!(I did! It’s incredable isn't it !)」
I bark proudly next to the wild boar

But garo was the one who organised this.
The only thing I did was vomit out a beam.
「to be able to knock this down…… even if it was a rabbit it would have been fine……」
He pats my head will he looks at the boar.

「Gau!(YOU! To touch the kings head so thoughtlessly! such disrepect!!)」
I seem to have spoken too early

Garo who was hiding behind the boar came out.
「wan!(there is a change of schedule. You, everyone come out!!)」
Answering my voice all the wolves lined up

The number, 15
The scene of strong looking wolves lined up was a grand sight

「haa?! What is happening?! surely , the wol-----」
Now everyone!

Do as we practice on the way back!
Let's go!
「「「Ga, wan wan!」」」
「…………huh, it’s just some dog……」
The surprise oldman wiped the sweat of his forehead.

I did it!
I took a victory pose inside my head.
James seems to be in good health
But he was deceived
「These guys, are they your friends Routa?」
「Wan wan!(Yes! I hunted with them all!)」
「is that so. Such a big thing was taken down by all of you」
He approaches the wolves who had all lined up

「Gau!(Ga, Garo-sama! please go back! Don't try touch the princess human!)」
Before Garo’s head could be pet, the brown wolf Baru stepped in
「wan wan!(OI! Baru! stop! Behave yourself!)」
「Ga, Gau……(ki, King…… certainly, I understand)」
After hearing what I said Baru’s ears folded and his head was hung down.

「oh, what? Do you want to be patted as well?」
The old man squats down in front of Baru.

And his massive hand is put on the head of Baru.
Through Baru wanted to respond he didn't move because of my order.
「Ga, Gau……(I the soldier of a high demon wolf family……! such a humiliation……! ki, Kill!)」
「oh, there there. You worked well. You did great」
「Ga, Gauu(pl, please stop……! Without the order from the king, you would be dead……!  to have such a thing done to me by a human……! YOU , YOU ..... Afaaaaaaaaaa……)」
Beginning at the head and moving to the cheeks Baru was rubbed until he let out a sound of surrender and melted.
The first time being pet.

Have you awoken to the glory of Mofu mofu?
「however, it’s the first time I have seen a boar like this. Could it be, it's a demon……?」
The old man stood up , touched the fur and raised a voice of doubt.

「and so many dogs....... Where did you come from? do you live in the forest?」
He is lost in thought
Though I put in so much effort he is doubting us again
If this is reported to Papa or Zenovia then it will be troublesome
「ahh, it’s fine」
I heard a charming womans voice.

From where? It was from a woman wearing a wide pointed hat that was standing next to the old man
Long silver hair and pointed ears, gives off the aura of a witch

「Ah, oh……! Oh it’s just hekate. Is it that time already?」
Her sudden appearance changed the way he was acting, perhaps they knew each other.
Like he was agreeing to something the old man was nodding his head
Nn? Hekate? Did I not hear this before……?
「These children are my friends. Therefore, you need not to worry 」
「Ah, these familiars are you friends? Then it is fine」
「Gau Gau!(Who, who is a freind! And we are not familiars either! It is a witch!)」
Garo barks with open hatred
Is garo perhaps this person's acquaintance
Though their relation seems bad.
「Wan(Who is this? This person)」
Standing next to Garo I spoke in a quiet voice
「Gau(It is a witch who is a long living elf that lives in the forest. She build a house without permission and then settled down…… even though we tried our best to make her leave……)」
「Wan(Were you defeated?)」
「Gau!(NO! We never lose! However this witch uses a suspicious magic. I am always confused by it……)」
「Wan(Hmmm. I don't really get it. If they live here. all this land is owned by papa)」
As the family dog, I must move naturally in the same direction as papa and defend him
「Ga, Gau!(Such a thing! King!)」
「Wan(Don't be stingy. It is a wide place. It is the old man’s acquaintance, if the population rises by one or two it shouldn't matter right? This is my decision)」
「Gau……(then, if it is the kings will it is fine……)」
Garo approved with a hung head
I am sorry to ask such a selfish thing
I will return with something soon
But why is Garo so hostile with this person, they don't seem bad to me.
And they seem like they came to help us.
However she looks quite beautiful with those emerald green eyes
I imagined those eyes with a mischievous smile and a wink
Nn? Nnnn? These eyes, have I not seen them before……
「These are the familiars. And as for this boar ……」
To the old man's doubt the witch answered smoothly.

「is an animal that was mutated by concentrated magic, you should get used to it. Becuase things like this can happen often」 
「huh, so this thing is a demon …? Though I have never heard of a demon coming out of this forest, should I report this matter……」
「that is fine because these children always exterminate them. I was told by Gandolf」
「Oh, so the forest is safe because of you?」
He pats Baru’s head while give out praise
「Ga, Gau……(St, stop that already……)」
It looks like the mofumofu is too much for Baru and he is trying to escape
「hmmm, I did not expect to get so much meat all at once. Can we actually eat this demon……?」
「there is no bad effect. Because the magic is all connected to the soul, once the soul leaves the body all that is left behind is a regular animal」
To the old man who worries the witch guaranteed it was fine

「In that case, I should just face it as a challenge for a chef..... Since it is here I will gladly take it」
When he folded his arms my eyes shot open wide

「alright, You! Give me a hand! You cannot just eat the wild animal you must cook it and then it will become delicious!」

the Old man is really the best.
Next time, the old man’s dish spits fire!(´・ω・`)


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