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woof woof chapter 13

chapter 13 A wild boar is eaten!
the dismantling show begins now! (´・ω・`)
It will take some time until the sun will be directly above
there is soft light coming through the leaves of the trees and a faint sound of a stream is heard
「Alright should I dismantle it here?」
The old man pulled a cart full of cook ware down to a riverbank.
then the wolves brought down the large body of the wild boar.
We are at a small river not far from the house
The catch was too large so we could not butcher it in the kitchen
here we have plenty of water and we are hidden from the house so that the large amount of demon wolves cannot be seen

But thinking of the people in the mansion I feel it would be bad to be seen
So we must remain hidden from sight!
It would surely become a great fight if Zenovia chan saw this
「hmm, With so much blood it must have been hard to move, it has been some time since the heart stopped, I wonder how I should handle this……」
The old man scratched his temple embarrassed
hanging such a big thing from a tree in impossible.
「oh, you could hang it over here?」
Hekate poised a question
「Well, I wonder. it might be a good idea」
「How about this」

 Hekate raised her metallic cane into the air.
 when the big gem shone the wild boars gigantic figure lifted off the ground and floated in the air as if it was held by an invisible hand
Wow! magic is great!
hanging head to the ground.
the wild boar is hung in the air just like it would be from a tree.
「how about this?」
「This is great! as expected of a witch!」
it is indeed great but would it not have been better to have done that from the start.
All the wolves put in a lot of effort to bring it here.
「no no. this is a very hard thing to do, so please deal with it quickly. I would hate to tire」
like she's reading my mind Hekate replied
then hekate placed her cane into the ground and came to sit next to me.
I observed with glances to my side.
A regular nose. long ears. silver hair. erotic aura.
I don't remember meeting anyone like this before.
Surely this is the first meeting, but I have seen someone like this before.
A smile which is mischievous like a cat.
Nn? huh? could it be this person is…..
「didn’t I say I was not a cat? Routa kun」
「Wan!?(Ee, you, could it be……! that time……!)」
「finally you notice, but I'm a bit sad you did no realise earlier. I put in so much effort to make a friend」
「Wan Wan (No, Because. you were seriously that cat?!)」
I thought it was a delusional cat that thought it was a witch.
was it the real thing?
if this is the true form, how did she transform into a cat?
「its strange isn't it. but I will reveal the trick later.」
With that said we both watched as the knife was pushed into the large boar.
As the blood vessel in the fat neck was cut blood gushed out of the cut.
then it falls into a large dish, will this be used for cooking?
「Normally it is gutted after bleeding, but since I am in a hurry I will do it at the same time.」
as that was being said the knife was placed at the top and the run down right to the neck
through the hard skin and fur of the boar the knife cut easily.
such great sharpness.
It might be sharper than Zenovia chan’s fake swords.
all of the guts were cut out and then pulled from the belly.
a bright red liver, deep blue lungs a black kidney and white intestines.
all the organs were taken out.
the eyes of the wolves watching were restless.
they are hungry eyes.
it is because offal is the best treat in the world
But I need to wait for now. endure.

The best dish will need to wait. Endure.
「The fur is valuable. So now I need to pull it off」
now that the insides are empty. the fur is now pulled off.
With wonderful skill the fur was pealed top to bottom.
Though the blade would usually dull passing through so much fat, it was guided through easily with an expert hand.
Going all around the body cutting, the fur was removed neatly.
「I do not need this, so I sell it to a leather working friend, and return with food」
Then the fur was thrown to the side
「now is the real show」
The wild boar that has been skinned now looks slippery and white.
It is a wild boar but gives the feeling of a pig.
First is removing the rib,
They were all carefully pulled one by one and collected in one place.
the wolves all stared at the collection of food but all stayed because they were ordered to wait until given permission to eat.
The work continued, until it reached the part where the spine is cut into three, then I reached my limit.
「……(No, already, I do not want to see anymore. Gore is bad for my stomach)」
It is coming……
the meat is becoming a block
To see such a show I am happy
「Fu Fu, it was splendid」
I was not the only one to enjoy it.
When I looked at Hekate she was ecstatic looking at the knife.
on the other side all the wolves were drooling.
Oi, proud hearted demon wolves should not be wagging their tails like that.
I did not find all of it entertaining, but these guys enjoyed every bit.
I am the refined pet that sleeps in the day until work ends.
please wake me when it is complete.
While I was sleeping the progress continued and after 30 minutes the huge boar was in pieces.「now it is complete, with this much the house will be good for some time……」
it must be nearly one tonne
a huge amount of meat.
a literal mountain was formed
「Because you caught it you should should take some, how about half of it smoked? 」
that is a good idea
Smoked meat is really good.
Smoked back meat was seriously good.
It was melt in you mouth good.
It left you feeling refreshed after eating it.
but this is the meat of a demon.
if you smoke this, what kind of taste will it have?
I'm looking forward to it.
 however I must endure it for now.
Old man! please serve dinner early!
「I think this meat would be good if it was cooked slowly for three days, can you wait that long?」
「「「Gau gau gau gau ! ! 」」」
When they were asked the surrounding wolves jumped up and barked.
They all became restless
they are all dogs.
「Then I will just cook it simply. that should be fine」
saying so he returned to the kitchen range and return with a big iron pan.
「because this meat is hard. I will thinly cut and cook a lot of it. Sirloin rose peach. it will cook fast. 」
「……Gokuri(I'm seriously excited~~)」
Roast meat Wooohooooo!
Uhyo! Routa loves roast meat!!
The old man slices piece after piece.
The meat mad a sizzling sound of fat melting as soon as it hit the pan.
The wolves who have no seen such a display before all watched with their eyes wide open.
Everyone is dripping so much.
the meat dances on the pan a a delicious aroma spread around.
The crispy meat was placed on a plate and the tower grew fast.
「「「Gau Gau!」」」
「not yet it is still too early to eat. but it will not take long to finish from here.」
in front of hungry wolves the kitchen knife was taken
and then used to cut open a large wheel of cheese.
then the hard cheese was warmed and began to melt.
The cheese bubbled and melting then the knife was pulled through it and then it was dripped atop the tower of meat.
a golden coat for the tower.
More calories for the already high calorie meal.
we are spoiled with such a great menu.
its at a totally unhealthy level.
but that is good!
the smell of meat was thick, the fragrance was being spread the instant it was put on the pan,
the eyes of the wolves were all impatient.
tongues were out and there was panting,
even when hunted there was no one looking like that.
I don't think they can endure much longer I feel like they will die in agony soon.
「Alright, have a try of this!」
the instant that permission was given the wolves shoved their hungry faces into the tower.
I thought it would be hot, but since it is thin it cooled down quickly.
「「「Gau Gau Gau!(Delicious! Great! humans are great!」」」
The wolves went crazy over the meat and cheese they had tasted for the first time.
「Gau!(Yo, YOU! Why are you eating when our king has not had a single bite! Baru you too, what are you doing!)」 
Though Garo shouted nobody responded.
I understand
Infront of this guy’s food previous rank does not matter.
It is fine, eat until you hearts content.
「Wan Wan! (Please old man! Please bring more meat!)」
「Why is the black one not eating? is it a lewd one?」
no, its different
Its because I'm not a beast.
「Ga, Gau (Hu, human…… How vulgar…… How could I, with King……)」
Garo shamefully shook her tail
「Wan(No, its because Garo is good. But you should eat.)」
Though I'm near my limit I have done my best to endure.
From the same plate as Garo I ate the meat and chese
「Wan!(This is……?!)」
This delicious meal!
the overflowing taste of  wild meat, and the wonderful sweetness of the cheese.
It is a simple dish, but it is simply delicious.
「Gau……!(Th, this……! This mysterious meat given to me by the King……! No, it cannot be beaten……!)」
This meal is too delicious it is making Garo crazy.
The previous anxiety is gone and now she is tearing up the meat.
Hekate has stayed still since the start.
I looked at her wondering why.
「very delicious」

She was already eating since awhile ago.
Rather, eating before us.
even the cheese without permission.
The happy form with cheese overflowing in her mouth reminds me of the red cat.
The witch is also a glutton.
Because it is a person who will eat someone else's quiche from their plate, that is natural
now that lunch is complete it looks like everyone's stomach is about to explode
「WHAT IS THIS ! ! ? 」
After that the demon meat was carried into the house and made even more noise
the old mans game has started(´・ω・`)When the aging has finished more theft will accur


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