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woof woof chapter 14

chapter 14 A lily?! And then sickness!

Hekate sensei(´・ω・`)

I was restless

In front of Ojou’s room I was useless

「Hekate sensei」

「What is it Mary?」

「I’m ticklish」

「Oh your ticklish? what about this!」

「Aha stop~! Sensei is mean!」

sitting outside the door I could hear the conversation of Hekate the witch and Mary Ojou sama

What on earth is going on inside
My mind is full of delusions

Similarly papa is also restless next to me
He is a different kind of restless next to me

「Because the medical examination is over, you may enter」

As soon as those words were said papa burst through the door
I to stepped through fast

Right behind papa
Sitting down on a chair opposite Mary Ojou is Hekate

There is also a maid who is tending to the clothes of Ojousama

「Ho, how is it! Hekate sensei! My daughters! My daughters sickness!」

「Settle down, Gandolf」

 papa clung close to Hekate and questioned her

Ee? sickness?
Ojou sama is sick?

「It is not that bad but she should have a high temperature for up to one month


papa looked sad and slumped his shoulders

Ojou sama will be in bed for a whole month?
Isn't that really bad

「Take this medicine three times a day after meals」

From a bag Hekate brought out a bottle with a bright blue liquid in it and handed to a maid

「If you get plenty of rest you will get better in no time at all」

The house maid received the medicine from Hekate, bowed and the left.

From the way that people around the house react to Hekate I feel as though she is really respected
Even the great papa is defeated

Aren't you just an old gluttonous witch?
the reason for being called sensei is that she is a doctor

「Hekate sensei. Though the reason for you visit is for something like this, I am happy I get to see you every day」

「Oh, I am honoured」

Even though papa seems depressed Ojou sama is very happy

「Then I would like to introduce Sensei to my new family member, Routa」

Ah, she noticed

I ran up to Ojousama with short steps

「I already knew. I have already became friends with Routa」

「Eee? You knew? I was going to surprise you! Becoming friends before being introduced, Routa you are such a play boy!」

Eee?! its a misunderstanding!
Its a misunderstanding Ojou sama!
Ojou sama will always be the best!


Ojou puffed up her cheeks and pouted

「Kyuun Kyuun!(AWAWA! Believe me! hey!! Routa loves Ojou sama!)」

looking at me who was trying to snuggle up to Ojou, Hekate let out a mischievous laugh

「See you later. Routa looks like he really like Mary」

「Fu fu. I also love Routa. I’m sorry for being mean」

Ojou hugged me tightly

It’s so warm, and its so soft and such a nice smell

A euphoric feeling ran over me

I had gotten impatient
Because Ojou sama is good at teasing

I put up with it, because I am Routa and it my duty because I am Ojou’s pet
But that duty is also to live a confortable and lazy life sleeping and eating all day.


「sick for one week?…… but the delivery of ingredients went well so it should be fine」

old man James heard the report from a maid and let out a sigh of relief

This is a cool dark place underground
even though it is summer a cool air flows around

I do not know how
It might be a magic tool

Just like the fire in the kitchen, if it runs on magic it would be quite convenient
Though I have never actually left the mansion so I do not know much about this kind of stuff

Watching Hekate was my first experience with magic

「is it finally over?」

The last piece of meat was hung in the freezer
Bound tightly in a cloth boiled and then sprayed with distilled liquor is left to hang and mature

「These meat will one day become a true gem. But I still need to make a high energy menu」

Now that he is done, a recipe was beginning to be formed in his head

Getting back to the subject

Ojou sama has gotten mysteriously sick as announced before.

something like hay fever
But I do not understand well

Currently  Ojou is fine
She played with me in the garden earlier

It was said she may have a fever up to a month then she would be let out of study
but until then it will be as normal

but it is serious

Do your best Ojou sama
Stay in school
But I will never study
I will enjoy the pet life forever

「Nya~n( Ara? here you are. I was looking for you)」

After leaving the old man I went to take a nap under a tree, and then a cat was heard

When I opened one eye and looked up I spotted a red cat with a basket

「Wan(Hekate? didn’t you go to have tea with papa?)」

「Nya~n(Did I?)」

「wan(Haa? Well I guess you are here)」

What is happening? 
is there some sort of problem?

「Nya~n (As I promised you th other day. I have come with a cake.)」

「Wan(Ah, if its like that then)」

You were honest and brought a cake with you
A good guy Hekate
then that is what is in the basket

「Nya~n (Just wait a little. I will prepare it now)」

Hekate pulled out the wrapped contents of the basket and set it in front of me.

on its own the wrapping moved and untied itself
Many things danced around, tea was warmed and in no time a table was set.
Living table ware


Im sorry for saying you were a fake witch

「Nya~n(it is still too early to be suprised)」

A big round pie came out of the basket next

The mesh like cap was cooked to a beautiful light brown
It looked very crispy and the fragrance of butter tickled my nose

Although I ate a lot this morning I became hungry again

「Nya~n(Here it is)」

A knife then came and cut the pie into pieces
A deep red fruit began to spill out

「Wan(Is this raspberry?)」

opposing the quiche with a pie, quite a move

「Nya~n(Then this is finished)」 

finally a bottle and an egg came out
The glass bottle was filled with a white liquid

The eggs was broken and poured into the bottle

Then it was mixed
 As it was mixed it was also frozen

「Wan(What is this!?)」

「Nya~n(its cream you know)」

is it Ice cream?

The soft cream was then divided and place atop the raspberry pie

So good! It looks so good

「Nya~n (Now, please)」

「Wan!(Let’s eat!)」

When I bit into it, it crunched loudly

The pie crust was not inferior to the Quiche, and the acidity of the raspberry complemented the sweet ice cream.

I did not know you could make such a delicious dish with ice
Because it was stirred strongly it got a nice fluffy texture and the flavour of cream extended to my entire tongue

Such a good pie. Such sweet ice-cream.
This duo attacks my tongue 
Such a shock I have never had such a good desert

「Nya~n(How was it? Did you like it?)」

「Wan wan!(is there any more? It is great, Hekate! Very delicious! Thank you!)」

「Nya~n (Fufu, Don't mention it. I am pleased to hear you like it.)」

「Wan wan!(Then lets eat together! I want to share this with Ojou sama!)」

Ojou is also a big fan of sweet things
It is a waste to monopolize it

「Nya~n(Without worry.There is enough for everyone. I only wanted Routa to be the first one to try)」

Such a nice thing to say

But also preparing enough for everyone is a nice thing aswell
I thought Hekate was only lewd and a glutton but she is also a nice witch

「Nya~n (Then I will share this pie with this child)」


Who is this child
There is only the bright red car in front of me

「Nya~N (Fu fu, did you really think I was a cat?)」

Hekate narrowed her emerald eyes, and then fell asleep suddenly.

「Wan!(What happened? are you asleep? are you an infant who got tired after playing to much?)」

There was no reply and I begun worrying
I tried to wake Hekate up again by poking her red head with my nose

「Kunya~n (Nnnn, Master is my duty over?)」

The red car stretched out
It changed the way it talks

「Wa, wan(Hey. what happened?)」


My eyes met with the red cat
The colour of the eyes changed from emerald green to blue

「Nya, Nua(Hii……Hii……)」

「wan?(What happened to you so suddenly?)」

「Ginyaaaaaaaaa!(Noooooo!!! Don’t eat! don’t kill! Don’t violate!!)」


Violate what?
Dont say such a threatening thing

Before I could explain the red cat jumped straight up and ran away

「Wan……(What just happened…… This will be wasted if not eaten)」

I forgot about the cat that ran off and went to enjoy the pie


……It ran away(´・ω・`)


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